Songs for Sunday: Something Beautiful

If you are a born again child of God, you probably have an intimate understanding of this song’s lyrics written by Gloria Gaither. The song (with music written by her husband, Bill) first appeared on the album, “The Bill Gaither Trio: Because He Lives”, which was also the first appearance for the title track.  Both songs now appear in church hymnals.

“Something Beautiful”

If there ever were dreams
that were lofty and noble,
They were my dreams at the start;
And the hopes for life’s best
Were the hopes that I harbored
Down deep in my heart;
But my dreams turned to ashes,
My castles all crumbled,
My fortune turned to loss,
So I wrapped it all
In the rags of my life
And laid it at the cross!

Something beautiful, something good —
All my confusion He understood;
All I had to offer Him
Was brokenness and strife,
But He made something beautiful of my life

Gloria tells the story behind the song here

Here is a YouTube video, published by Gaither Music TV, of a performance from 1990 of Bill, Gloria and Michael English singing “Something Beautiful”.


He made “something beautiful” of my life too! How about you?

See you in Church!



Songs For Sunday: I Am Loved

1 John 4:19 says,

We love because he first loved us.

Back in the 70’s, Bill Gaither wrote a simple little song with simple little message.

I Am Loved

I am loved, I am loved
I can risk loving you
For the One who knows me best
Loves me most
I am loved you are loved
Won’t you please take my hand
We are free to love each other
We are loved

I said if You knew You wouldn’t want me
My scars are hidden by the face I wear
He said my child My scars go deeper
It was love for you that put them there


Forgiven I repeat it I’m forgiven
Clean before my Lord, I freely stand
Forgiven I can dare to love my brother
Forgiven I reach out to take your hand


We are free to love each other, we are loved

The Bill Gaither Trio recorded it, and the simple little song was an enormous hit! It became the theme for their concerts.  My step dad took me to see them that year. I think I was about 15.

IMG_2055 (2)
Flyer from the concert I attended
IMG_2056 (2)
The inside of the flyer with a message from the Gaithers on the left, and the song lyrics on the right.
A closeup of the message from the Gaithers.

Everyone was wearing these pins. Churches were giving them out.

 I Am Loved Pin

Yes, I am a pack rat.

You can hear the original Bill Gaither Trio recording here, but I’m adding a live version by the Gaither Vocal Band, posted to YouTube by nashvillehigh. At the beginning, Bill talks about those concerts back in the 70’s.

The message hasn’t changed.

I am loved!

You are loved!

See you in church!